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Contour Grip - Ultra-Tacky Performance

The distinctive wave construction of the Contour grip provides added comfort and helps correct finger alignment whilst the ultra-tacky PU surface aids grip. The thicker material content in this grip offers extra comfort and vibration dampening qualities.

The excellent performance and sweat absorption of the Contour grip makes it an ideal selection and is the grip of choice on many squash rackets in the TITAN range.

TITAN racket grips are developed and manufactured for exceptional quality and performance. All players have different needs and preferences in their choice of grip and the TITAN range of racket grips caters for these differing requirements. TITAN grips are designed specifically for tennis, squash, badminton and racketball and are supplied loose or in boxes of assorted colours.

Titan Contour PU Grip

  • Colours per 24 Grips: black, white, green, blue, yellow and orange. Grips are sent loose unless bought as a pack of 24 or in a display box.

    • 6 Pack works out at £1.95 per grip.
    • 12 Pack works out at £1.90 per grip.
    • 24 pack works out at £1.81 per grip (only the 24 pack comes with a display box).
    • Then there's postage on top - because of the bulky nature of these grips, they are sent as a small parcel.
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