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Match Readiness

Before the Game

  • See that you are fit and in good condition to play hard to the end of five hard games.

  • See that your racket or rackets are in good condition, also that the rest of your equipment is complete.

  • Have a ball in your possession so that you can have a knock-up and give your opponent one should a ball not be forth-coming.

  • Keep warm with a jumper and perhaps a pair of trousers over your shorts - it is not easy to warm up quickly at squash so be sure that you dont start cold or chilly.

  • Have your last meal at least an hour before you are due to start. Be moderate.

  • Greet your opponent cheerfully - you are going to play a game with him.

During the Game

  • Play hard the whole time till the very last point.

  • If you're playing a winning game - don't alter it. If you're losing - experiment. Mix your shots, keep your opponent guessing what you're going to try next.

  • Give your opponent plenty of room in which to play his shots.

  • Give him plenty of opportunity to see the ball when it has left your racket.

  • If you do get in his way or obstruct his view - offer him a "let" at once.

  • Don't be too ready to accept any doubtful "lets" he may offer you.

  • Be generous towards you opponent. You can make or mar his enjoyment of the game by your behaviour.

  • Remember you duty is to your opponent first - the spectators next and yourself last.


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