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The Deep Drop Shot


This is the "professional" attacking short shot.

Once you are able to hit good lengths from anywhere on the court and the opponent is not giving you many easy loose balls, the next best way to pressurise is to play a straight drop from deep - generally from the technically easier backhand side.

As with all variations of shot, this will not only create doubt and thus make your lengths more effective but, even if it is played fairly obviously, it will usually result in a weak reply, leaving a good opening for a straight or cross court drive. (Note: Always keep playing a high percentage of shots to the back of the court.)

A weak reply to the drop from deep will result because if the shot is played at the correct narrow angle (Shot A - as always, miss the nick too narrow rather than too wide) the opponent not only has to scrape the ball off the wall with only the very end of the racket, but the ball will also be in front of him - rather than at his side - making a straight reply very difficult and a weak cross court more likely.

The same principle also applies to volley drops.

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